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      Chateau believes in new voices, strategic marketing, and expansive low-cost distribution. We also believe in a true partnership between publisher and writer. We work with our authors to carefully edit and design their book. Then, we work together to come up with the best marketing plan to reflect each author's unique personality and the specific nature of each book. Finally, we saturate both the internet and brick-and-mortar stores with every title we publish. It's a simply process, really.    
      Chateau offers new writers the same attention and courtesy as previously published authors. We don't require our authors to have an agent, a sparkling resume, or publishing experience. We also don't maintain a list of specific genres we publish because great writing transcends such categories. Furthermore, each book receives our professional editing and design and we invite each author to come along for the ride to offer insight into every step of the process.    
      No one knows their targeted audience better than the writer, which is why we encourage our authors to suggest personalized marketing strategies for each of their books. While we employ our own proven techniques, we're aware many authors are bursting with their own brilliant marketing plans and we welcome the input.    
      Chateau promises that when a reader hears about your book, they'll immediately know where to purchase it. First, we'll add your book to our online catalog at iPascher.com, our own trusted online retailing partner. On iPascher.com, readers can order our books at the lowest available price and receive speedy delivery. Our books are also available on amazon.com, bn.com, and in brick-and-mortar booksellers and other independent retailers.    

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